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Thank you for visiting MeGrimlock’s direct shop. We made this website so customers that found us on any of any of the deep web markets wouldn’t lose contact with us as every market in history has either exit scammed, closed down, got arrested or glitched out. This is the sad inevitability of deep web markets. However! Establishing trust with your favourite vendor and working with them securely via PGP over secure email direct will never end poorly. Neither customer or vendor will lose their money in escrow or be locked out of market, no 3rd party moderation leads to no buyer scams, and no buyer scams means we fulfill every order 100% no matter what.

MeGrimlock has been around since the beginning. As Dread Pirate Roberts first suggested we cut our teeth on BMR then worked our way up to Silk Road, then SR2, BMR2, Atlantis, TorMarket, Sheep, Evo, Agora, Pandora, Cloud 9, Blue Sky, Utopia, Middle Earth, Abraxas, Black Bank, and Nucleus. Only 2 sites shut returning peoples money hence the reason for our own site. Now we are on AlphaBay, Hansa, Dream, and Valhalla.

This onion will always be up to date with our products, prices, and available stock. You will receive the same top notch MeGrimlock service and communication you are used to. We will continue to maintain our presence on current dark markets new and old in order to find new customers but know that you can always contact us here direct anytime. See the above navigation for full details on each available product, exactly how to order, how to contact us, how to make sure you are being safe and secure, and other helpful links.

Please check out our grams profile to see a small portion of our thousands of feedback on all the markets they have listed:

**May 4th 2016**

Currently In Stock:

If not listed below we are out of stock however all products listed in our above navigation not listed here are on their way soon.
ALL products tested at Energy Control Lab in Spain:

MDMA - 80% purity - Report:
Crystal Meth - 94% purity - Report:
Ketamine - 94% purity - Report:
Ambien - Testing not required. Pharma product in blister.